LAIC purchases land with eye on future growth

Economic development organization making progress on primary initiatives


MADISON, SD – The Lake Area Improvement Corporation has purchased 67.6 acres of land with hopes to facilitate development in line with current organization initiatives.

The land is located on the west side of Highway 81 going north out of Madison. The parcel ends at 9th Street.

While the LAIC does not currently have a specific plan for the land, a number of community goals and future opportunities motivated the purchase.

“We are excited to add this parcel to our portfolio in promoting growth in Lake County,” said LAIC Executive Director Brooke Rollag. “While our plans are not currently set, we have a variety of ideas that will benefit the community.”

The purchase is set to further both of the LAIC’s current objectives: housing and a community daycare facility.

Housing Need

Housing continues to be a critical need not only in Madison but across the state. Rollag noted this land could be offered to interested developers or be available for workforce housing.

“We see our businesses prospering and growing and we need options to help match the pent-up demand,” Rollag said.

Should the land be used for housing, there could be opportunities for businesses along the highway to serve as a buffer between the residential area and traffic.

The northern portion of the property could also benefit the city by assisting with water retention which would help with flood mitigation.

Rollag noted the LAIC plans to work closely with the city of Madison to engage the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to identify flood mitigation opportunities. While she admits it will be a lengthy process, in the end, has the potential to benefit the city.

Community Daycare

The LAIC has been working on a daycare initiative for some time.

“Businesses need employees, and those employees need childcare. It is something we hear over and over,” Rollag said. “The biggest challenge right now is finding a location for such a facility.”

Rollag recently went before the Madison City Commission with a proposal to trade a portion of city land with a piece of land in the newly acquired plat. The LAIC is proposing a daycare facility next to the city pool where a small baseball diamond currently sits.

The LAIC proposes replacing the current park space with space within the newly acquired land where housing is likely to exist in the future.

“The location by the city pool is ideal for a daycare center,” Rollag said. “It checks most of the boxes we’re looking for including being near a public park, ease of access, safety, and size, among others.”

The focus on daycare is in line with the LAIC’s mission to facilitate the development and retention of quality jobs.

Whatever the final outcome, Rollag is excited for the opportunities the land purchase offers.

“Owning additional land gives us more control in fulfilling the needs of the community,” Rollag said.

The LAIC is a non-profit economic development organization dedicated to the growth and prosperity of Madison and the communities that reside within Lake County.


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