Madison Community Language Learning Classes

¡Las inscripciones ya están abiertas para la clase de inglés básico desde el 7 de septiembre hasta el 16 de diciembre de 2021!

Learn English - Language Learning Classes

Registration is now open for the Basic English class from September 7 to December 16, 2021!

If you are interested in joining our team as a teacher, or classroom volunteer, contact the LAIC.

Classes begin on September 7th, 2021 to December 16th and will be every Tuesday and Thursdays. You may attend one of the classes that work best for you.

  • Time 1: mornings from 9:00 a.m. -10:30 a.m. at the Depot meeting room at 315 South Egan Avenue, Madison, SD. Childcare is NOT provided. OR
  • Time 2: evenings from 6:30 p.m. -8:00 p.m. at the Madison Community Center’s meeting room at 500 NE 11th Street, Madison, SD. Childcare is provided.

The class will focus on:

  • Daily communication (work, doctors, banks, stores)
  • Communication with co-workers
  • Speaking with your children’s teachers
  • Helping you read and write English

Curriculum used: National Geographic Learning: Level Basic, book & workbook We use a variety of ways to learn (videos, audio clips, white board, games, songs, dictation, interaction with each other and repetition).

The environment will focus on respect and learning together, so you will feel comfortable learning. Costs are affordable at $55 for the entire program. In some instances, this may be paid by your employer.

Email registration forms to the email address on the registration form or bring them to class. Call 256-0797 with questions.

We are also on Facebook:

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formulario de inscripción para el otoño de 2021 (La inscripción se cerrará después del segundo día de clases, el 9 de septiembre).

Registration form for Fall 2021 (Registration will close after the 2nd day of class - September 9th.)

¿Quiere Ud. Hablar inglés?

¿Es difícil comunicar con su empleado o los maestros de sus hijos?

Únase con la comunidad de Madison en el programa de “El inglés como Segundo Lenguaje.” Esta clase es para personas que quieren aprender el inglés. Es una clase de nivel primera.

Las clases comienzan el 7 de septiembre de 2021 al 16 de diciembre y serán todos los martes y jueves. Puede asistir a una de las clases que mejor se adapten a sus necesidades.

  • Hora 1: mañanas de 9:00 a. M. A 10:30 a. M. En la sala de reuniones Depot en 315 South Egan Avenue, Madison, SD. NO se proporciona cuidado de niños. O
  • Hora 2: tardes a partir de las 6:30 p.m. -8:00 pm. en la sala de reuniones del Centro Comunitario de Madison en 500 NE 11th Street, Madison, SD. Se proporciona cuidado de niños.

Esta clase le ayudará:

  • Comunicar durante las actividades diarias (el trabajo, el doctor, el banco, las compras)
  • Prepararse para las entrevistas de trabajo
  • Hablar con los maestros de sus hijos
  • Leer y escribir en inglés

Plan de estudios utilizado: National Geographic Learning: nivel básico, libro y cuaderno de ejercicios Usamos una variedad de formas de aprender (videos, clips de audio, pizarra, juegos, canciones, dictados, interacción entre nosotros y repetición).

El entorno se centrará en el respeto y el aprendizaje juntos, por lo que se sentirá cómodo aprendiendo. Solo cuesta $ 55 por todo el programa y, en algunos casos, su empleado podría pagarlo.

Envíe los formularios de inscripción por correo electrónico a la dirección de correo electrónico que figura en el formulario de inscripción o tráigalos a clase. Llame al 256-0797 si tiene preguntas.

Our First ESL Class!

LAIC starts ESL class to help Madison workforce Article courtesy of the Madison Daily Leader, published on October 23, 2015.

Why the ESL Program Is So Important to Our Community

The Madison community continues to become more diverse. Our businesses, schools, hospital, restaurants and stores are finding it increasingly difficult to communicate with non-English speaking residents and employees.

At the LAIC, we wanted to help these entities as well as make life easier for those who don’t speak English.

Madison did not previously have an ESL program and we recognized one was greatly needed. We reached out to the Department of Labor, Career Learning Center, Madison Central School District and Dakota State University for guidance and assistance. They were in full agreement a program was needed.

A Madison Community ESL board was established and board members included (at that time) Jacy Fry, DSU International Programs; Jim Baltzer, Department of Labor and Regulation; Sandy Salley, Career Learning Center, Janel Guse, Madison Elementary Principal and Julie Gross, Lake Area Improvement Corporation.

Over the years, the program has had the following sponsors. Thank you sponsors for your past and present support!

  • Advantage South Dakota
  • Interlakes Area United Way
  • Shopko Foundation
  • Wells Fargo Foundation

Our mission is basic: “To provide English training for speakers of other languages in the Madison community and surrounding areas with the intention of improving communication for the school district and workforce while empowering non-English speaking community members and growing the success of the community as a whole.”

For more information about classes call 605-256-0797.

Classes started September, 2015 with spring and fall classes offered.

Future Classes

Spring 2022, Learn Spanish - Madison Community Language Learning Classes

We will be contacting local businesses, gauging community interest, and sending out a survey this fall. In order for residents and businesses to communicate better, we have been receiving questions about having Spanish Language Classes.

We are working through the process to see if we can facilitate spring 2022 Spanish Language Classes for community and businesses. This class would focus on the same categories as the English Learning Classes but in Spanish.

Fall 2022 Advanced English Classes

As we get closer to February 2022, we will know about having the next English class that comes after the BASIC book and workbook. This will give our students who attended our Basic English classes the chance to advance to the next level.

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