Lakeview Industrial Park

Approximately 100 acres are available for immediate use for commercial and industrial needs. The Lakeview Industrial Park is the eastern gateway in to Madison. Businesses in the park are immediately visible by west-bound traffic.

The Park offers a unique opportunity for a variety of businesses or industries to relocate or expand.

Currently, there are 10+ businesses in the Park. Not only is it an industrial park for companies like Rosebud and Integra Plastics, it is also a business park for those like Heartland Consumers Power District.

The park offers: - highway frontage - access to a major highway - businesses visibility

New to the Lakeview Industrial Park

  • The extension of Industry Avenue to the south was completed in November 2013. This extension allows access to lots in the southeastern section of the park.

  • Under Construction Global Polymer Industries, Inc. New to the park in 2013 - broke ground November 2012!

Is your business looking to relocate or expand to the Lakeview Industrial Park? View available land.

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