Falcon Plastics Expands

Picture taken October 4, 2018 during the groundbreaking ceremony.

For Immediate Release: Contact: Randy Morehouse, plant manager Falcon Plastics, Madison

MADISON, SD – Falcon Plastics is excited to announce that we will be expanding our facility. We have seen increased sales from several customers that have positioned us to add more manufacturing space. One of our customers has forecasted significant growth and has collaborated with Falcon Plastics for manufacturing support. We have begun preparations to bring in several more pieces of equipment to manufacture at higher volumes. To do this we have been working on converting our 17,000 square foot warehouse into more manufacturing space to support the growth, by temporarily moving our warehouse off-site to another building here in Madison. This has challenged us internally making sure we have everything we need to manufacture in the plant when needed. It is our good fortune to have a wonderful group of employees here that have embraced the challenge. The first modification step in the construction is planned on being completed by early December as that is when we have planned on receiving/installing some of this equipment to get up and running in the spring. The second part of the construction is putting up a new 26,750 square foot warehouse on the east side of our existing building. We have hired Mills Construction out of Brookings, SD as the contractor for this project because they are very familiar with the needs that Falcon Plastics has and were able to work with us on the accelerated timeline. They are currently utilizing local sub-contractors to help complete this project. They have previously constructed our Brookings Plant, done multiple additions and re-models for us so we feel very comfortable moving forward with them on this expansion project. The additional warehouse space will help us grow with our diverse customer base, as they are in need of more and more distribution services. With this expansion, we expect to continue growing as a plant and company by hiring more positions in the next couple of years, bringing more business to the Madison area and be able to supply more jobs in Madison. None of this would have been possible without the continued support of our corporate office and hard work of every employee here in Madison, as they have been the ones that drive us to be more successful every day.

Founded in 1975 by Don and Carol Bender, Falcon Plastics has been molding customer ideas into a wide variety of products in use every day by people all over the world. From sophisticated medical devices to common household items, Falcon Plastics has the capacity to see your project through from design concept to a finish product that is ready for market. Falcon has the vision and capability to engineer, manufacture, assemble, and distribute your product in the leanest, most effective way.

Falcon's number one priority is the quality and on time delivery of every customers product. This dedication and commitment to product quality and deadline sensitivity is what drives our business and keeps our customers coming back.

Today, Falcon Plastics is still a family owned business, owned by Jay and Guy Bender out of Brookings SD. It has expanded to three new locations within the United States, a 134,850 sq. ft. building on the east side of Brookings in 2007, a 40,000 sq. ft. building on the south side of Madison SD in 1990, a 50,000 sq. ft. building near Lexington TN in 1995 and a partnership in a 40,000 sq. ft. facility in Suzhou, China. With all the growth that Falcon has seen since its beginnings in 1975 Falcon Plastics still has the family feel where each person is willing to give each other a helping hand when in need and everyone knows your name.

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