General Information

Municipal Services

Type of Local Government:Mayor/City Commission
Police Force:11
Fire Dept. Personnel:1 full-time; 28 volunteers
Fire Insurance Rating:Class 6
City Zoning Ordinance:Yes
County Zoning Ordinance:Yes
Percentage of Paved Streets:90%


Distance in miles to the nearest metro areas.
City Freight in miles Days by Freight
Minneapolis 240 1
Chicago 599 1
Denver 685 2
Kansas City 417 1
Winnipeg, MB 441 1

With a population of almost 6,500 people, an available and skilled workforce, and a business-friendly atmosphere, Madison offers a great place to live, work and raise a family. We are surrounded by five lakes, two state parks, two golf courses, offer recreational activities and a warm community spirit. In addition, we have an excellent school system, a nationally recognized university, a Community Center for personal and family wellness, a top-notch clinic and hospital, acquatic center and many more quality of life opportunities.

Source: US Census & SD Dept of Labor and Regulation, January 2013 stats.
Year Community County State
1980 6,210 10,724 690,768
1990 6,257 10,550 696,004
2000 6,540 11,276 754,844
2007 6,319 11,372 796,214
2010 6,474 11,200 814,180

Current Population of Lake County, SD by Select Age Group

Source: SD Department of Labor and Regulation, January 2013 stats.


Average winter temperature: 14 degrees
Average summer temperature: 75 degrees
Average annual precipitation: 24 inches
Average annual snowfall: 40 inches
Average annual number of sunny or partly sunny days: 208
Average elevation: 1,670

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