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The South Dakota Utilities Commission’s website lists additional utility information.


Natural Gas

Usage Rate Tools

South Dakota Tariffs and Rates
Natural Gas Rates rates change monthly

  • From the NorthWestern Energy home page, click (account services), then select (tarrifs and rates), then (South Dakota Tarrifs and Rate Schedules)
  • Next, click the (natural gas rates) box
  • Click (Purchased Gas Adjustment)
  • Use line item 84A for all therm pricing for Madison, South Dakota.

Note: To convert natural gas sold in MCF to Therms use this formula: MCF x 10.0250 = Therms.

Please contact NorthWestern Energy for high-demand rates, additional options may be available for your company.

Electricity providers for the City of Madison

  • Heartland Consumers Power District
  • Western Area Power Administration (WAPA)

City of Madison Electrical Rate

The City of Madison does not have an average per person usage estimate for water, sewer and electricity. However, they can provide past utility usage information along with the highest payment made over a given time period for a particular property.

Depending on security lighting, heating by gas or electricity, hours of operation and other factors, the average estimate for a small business of 5 people would average to $300 per month in winter and $400 per month in summer for electricity, water and sewer (using natural gas for heating purposes).

Electricity providers outside the City Limits

City of Madison Water, Sewer, Solid Waste and Recycling information

Electric Efficiency Program from the City of Madison

A newly established program offers two energy efficiency options for customers within the City limits of Madison. The commercial lighting program offers incentives for upgrading to new high efficient lighting. The residential rebate program offers incentives for replacing an existing appliance with a new Energy Star model. Rebates are subject to specific criteria. Call (605) 256-7500 with questions.

All program information can be found on the City of Madison's Electrical Department website on the right-hand side.

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