Madison #1 in SD; Best places to retire in every state

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By Ben Wittstein, MSN Money, June 11, 2018

Over the course of the average person’s lifetime, one is confronted with a handful of stress-inducing decisions, outcomes of which inevitably play an impactful role in shaping their futures. While choosing a college major, purchasing a first home, and deciding on whether or not to have kids each represent instances that lead most people to consult their loved ones, as well as heavily research the options being considered, perhaps no matter earns more thought and attention than where to settle down after decades of hard work. In the United States especially, where the average worker does not call it quits until the age of 63—a figure that pales in comparison to the rest of the world—retirement is a cherished, limited resource that drives people to ensure they are experiencing it to the best of their abilities.

In seeking to provide a guide as to the best places where people can cash in on the fruits of their labor, Stacker looked to Niche, which identified the best locations in the United States for people to retire, according to a handful of factors. Niche looked at weather, crime rates, presence of residents 65 and older, housing costs, and access to key amenities in order to arrive at a cumulative grade for each location.

Read on to get a better sense of where people's hard-earned money can be best used to get the dream retirement they deserve.

South Dakota: Madison


  • Population: 7,101
  • Overall Grade: A
  • Cost of living grade: A (Median home value: $110,100; Median rent: $505)
  • Diversity grade: B
  • Crime & safety grade: B+
  • Outdoor activities grade: B+

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